Creating Research and Policy for Political Change

At TakeRoot Justice, we understand that massive progressive changes happen from the ground up when groups come together to share their strengths and expertise. During this season of solidarity, we’re sharing how advocacy, organizing and research go hand in hand.

Introduced in 2014, the Right to Counsel Bill (RTCNYC) established an unprecedented city-funded right to counsel for low-income tenants facing eviction proceedings, making NYC the first city in the nation to establish this right. Thanks to the RTCNYC Coalition that spearheaded the bill, by July 2022, all low-income tenants in NYC will have a right to an attorney to defend their homes.

Since this incredible victory, organizers in cities across the country have been reaching out to the Coalition to ask how they won this campaign. In response, TakeRoot’s Participatory Research and Policy team partnered with the Coalition to share tools and best practices. After an extensive review of archived campaign materials, we created an online toolkit with nearly 100 tools—a major step that will equip organizers across the country with resources that will enable them to wage their own campaigns.

Launched a few months back with a series of webinars, the RTCNYC Coalition continues to disseminate the toolkit widely. Recently, TakeRoot and the Coalition hosted a panel at the Center for New York City Affairs where panelists from the Coalition discussed how they won the right to counsel through organizing and shared lessons learned that can be passed on to other campaigns across the nation.

When tenants are able to seek justice with the resources they need, our city becomes as better place to live. When we export that model around the country, folks everywhere build change. Help TakeRoot Justice continue this work with a donation today.