Patch: Two Bridges Towers Threatened In ‘David And Goliath Moment’

A State Supreme Court judge ruled four proposed towers in Two Bridges must go through the city’s public review process.

Towers proposed in Two Bridges must go through the city's public review process, a judge ruled.

By Sydney Pereira, Patch.
August 1, 2019.

TWO BRIDGES, NY — A State Supreme Court judge threatened developers’ plans to build four massive towers in Two Bridges, ruling in favor of a City Council lawsuit Thursday.

State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron ruled that four controversial proposed towers cannot be built without first undergoing a review process called the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, or ULURP.

“I feel like this is a very David and Goliath moment,” said Daisy Echevarria, a Two Bridges neighbor that lives near where the buildings would rise.

“They assumed that this community was going to be silent, that this community wasn’t going to push back, but they got the surprise of their lives,” she said…

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