Resource Management

The Resource Management Team coordinates with community groups, resource allies, elected officials, and other players across the city and state, to amplify the voices of directly-impacted people, advocate for funding and resources, and make lasting institutional change.

Having been an integral part of TakeRoot Justice for years, the Resource Management Team launched as one of the organization’s practice areas in 2021. Its role is to help implement TakeRoot’s organizational mission and values by supporting the work both internally and through our coalitions. Internally, the team collaborates with all of TakeRoot Justice’s Practice Areas to manage our government contracts and ensure our organization’s work is well-resourced. Externally, we coordinate city-wide coalitions to leverage our partners’ and allies’ collective power to dismantle systems of oppression and fight for systemic change.

Our work includes:

  • Coalition Coordination – we are designated as coordinators of various coalitions, facilitating the work of our partners and allies funded together under government grants. This work involves campaign strategy development & advocacy, contract administration, and serving as a constant resource of information for fellow coalition members and funders. Coalition coordination is built upon the strength of our relationships with other coalition members, and we prioritize building and maintaining these partnerships. TakeRoot coordinates:
    • Stabilizing NYC (SNYC) – a citywide coalition combining legal, advocacy and organizing resources to organize tenant associations and landlord coalitions to combat harassment, evictions, and the loss of affordable housing at the hands of predatory equity and speculative investors.
    • Legal Advocacy Partners (LEAP) – a citywide coalition of community-based legal services providers and public interest advocacy groups that works to increase access to quality civil legal services for low-income New Yorkers, while maintaining community-based service delivery.
    • Citywide Immigrant Legal Empowerment Collaborative (CILEC) – a citywide consortium of community-based and legal services organizations providing immigration and employment legal services with the goal of building the power of low-income immigrant communities in NYC.
  • Advocacy – working directly with funders, elected officials, administrators, and TakeRoot practice areas, we participate in and lead advocacy strategies to enhance our resources, and the flow of resources to our partners and allies. We work to improve New York City by fighting for marginalized communities through the terms of our contracts.
  • Contract Management – we handle all aspects of our government contracts to support those working directly with clients and our organization as a whole. This involves managing subcontracts and constant liaising with each practice area and our fiscal department, as well as the City and State governments.
  • Data Management & Analysis – we manage TakeRoot Justice’s data and data systems. Collecting and analyzing information about our cases and projects is essential to measuring the impact of our work and reporting different data sets to our funders.

Our Resource Management Partners