Consumer Justice


All New Yorkers have a right to financial empowerment and protection from predatory financial practices.

Our clients are low-income New Yorkers hit hard by the financial crisis. Communities already destabilized by rising living costs and stagnant wages are targeted for sub-prime loans and other deceptive and abusive practices by banks, lenders, bail bonds companies, landlords, car dealers, identity thieves and other unscrupulous bad actors.

Our practice provides individual legal representation for low-income consumers and partners with community organizations to address systemic policies that destabilize communities, limit growth and a community’s ability to hold onto its resources.

Our consumer empowerment services include:

  • Community education workshops and materials that encourage greater public awareness around consumer and financial empowerment issues to demonstrate their impact on low-income communities. We strive to teach consumers how to protect and assert their rights;
  • Direct legal services to represent consumers in litigation from unlawful debt collection practices and to assert their rights against bad actors. Our areas include breach of lease, student loans, and identity theft, with special attention to the disparate impact of unlawful and fraudulent acts on immigrant communities; and
  • Legislative and policy advocacy in support of partner campaigns to bring reform in the areas of employment agency fraud, injustice in the bail bond industry, and increased regulation of debt collectors and process servers in NYC.

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TakeRoot’s Consumer Justice team recently deepened our work to support survivors of intimate partner violence. This work makes a difference in the life of survivors and clients like Ms. Jordan*, who we helped gain financial independence from her abuser this