Housing Rights

We believe that access to safe, affordable housing is crucial to an equitable New York City.

Our team works side-by-side with tenants as they fight against gentrification to demand better living conditions, affordable rents, and a voice in the policies that shape their neighborhoods.

By partnering with tenant associations, community-based organizations, and city- and state-wide coalitions, we help tenants build their power. This advocacy has resulted in millions of dollars worth of repairs in low-income housing and kept New Yorkers in their homes.

We empower tenants in a variety of ways.

  • Many landlords illegally harass and intimidate low-income and rent-stabilized tenants to drive them out in favor of higher-paying tenants. We help tenants fight back against this harrassment and hold landlords accountable.
  • We represent tenants in litigation to combat willful neglect and correct poor and dangerous housing conditions. This includes lead paint, lack of heat and hot water, inadequate security, faulty plumbing and unsafe elevators and staircases.
  • We help community groups and tenants come together in coalitions across the city to advocate for policies that stop predatory and abusive landlords. We work with coalitions including:
    • Stand for Tenant Safety: Coalition to stop construction harassment used by landlords to force tenants out of their homes so they can raise rents
    • Rent Justice Coalition: Citywide coalition to help make affordable housing available by educating and lobbying the Rent Guidelines Board during its yearly review of rates for rent-stabilized units;
    • Closing the Major Capital Improvements (MCIs) loophole: Many landlords illegally use MCIs, a housing regulation that allows rents to be raised to make major repairs. TakeRoot Justice has been working with our partners to lobby for reforms to New York State law to close this loophole and fight for safe housing.

Our Housing Rights Partners

In the news

City Councilmember Sandy Nurse (D-Brooklyn) is introducing a package of bills that aims to curb illegal evictions, citing THE CITY’s reporting on tenants locked out of their apartments by landlords. Titled the Stop Illegal Evictions Act, the four bills Nurse