Defending Undocumented Workers

TakeRoot Justice is standing up for workers’ rights and advocating for fair labor conditions. We are getting New Yorkers justice when bosses exploit those desperately in need of a livelihood. This year, our Workers Rights team fought for five undocumented men who worked in a restaurant kitchen for well under minimum wage.

These men dedicated more than fifteen years of long hours in unfair conditions to ensure the success of the restaurant. Even so, these workers found themselves further marginalized when they were denied access to justice that other workers had secured against the owner. As undocumented immigrants, they had not been provided with Spanish translation or resources so they could understand their rights.

When TakeRoot learned about their situation from other workers in the restaurant, we took on their cases and realized that each was owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages. In response, the restaurant only offered to pay them pennies on the dollar. Negotiations continued and we worked closely with these five workers to detail their experiences and hold their employer accountable.

This ongoing fight is huge not only for these five workers, but also because it sets an example for undocumented workers all over the city. When we come together, we win together. Help TakeRoot bring justice for marginalized workers by donating today.