Our COVID-19 Update

Like all of us around the city, country, and world, TakeRoot Justice is adjusting to the new and ever changing situation of COVID-19. It’s a stressful time, but also a reminder of how interconnected we are. It’s a moment for folks to support each other as we all navigate the challenges together.

At TakeRoot we understand that marginalized groups are hit even harder in a public health crisis. We’re fighting for New Yorkers at the intersection of many forms of oppression: often those who are exploited by unfair employers or landlords, and are undocumented, low income, people of color, or LGBTQ. We will continue to work with you and stand with you now as ever. We are proud to have helped advocate to the Mayor and Governor to halt evictions in the face of the city’s call to self-quarantine, a fight that was just recently won.

In the face of this context, the health of our team, clients and partners is incredibly important, as is our responsibility to operate in a way that supports the public health of our neighbors across the city. We must act in a thoughtful and concerned way that meets the health and safety needs of our staff and the communities we serve. That means we must ensure that our clients and partners are served even if we can’t serve them in person.

Starting Monday, March 16th and until further notice, TakeRoot Employees will work from home unless absolutely necessary. Our clients and partners, wherever possible, may reach us through phone, email, video conference, or other means of remote meeting. We continue to follow the guidelines of the courts and best interests of our clients as we proceed with our legal advocacy.

As a guide for all of our clients, supporters, partners and networks, please continue to exercise your own good judgement and do what’s best for your and your family’s personal health and safety. Guidelines from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene recommend for everyone self-quarantine so that fewer people are exposed to COVID-19, which will help “flatten the curve.”

We believe we can continue to do our vital work together in this new normal. TakeRoot coordinates coalitions and is a gathering space for marginalized tenants, workers and community activists, in addition to a place for community-driven legal work. We are always there for our clients and partners. In the days ahead, we are looking to hold this space virtually to keep the work advancing. If you need help finding one of our attorneys or have lost connection on an ongoing matter, please email info@takerootjustice.org. You can also connect with us our social media channels for organizational updates, or any questions.

Thank you and take care,

The Team at TakeRoot Justice