Reflecting on Early November

At TakeRoot, like so many around the city, the country, and the world, we are feeling restored and energized by the political sea change that is to come in January 2021. The forces of fascism, xenophobia, and white supremacy have been checked by democracy- especially by the organizing and political leadership of BIPOC women.

As we see our communities celebrating in the streets, we remember that marginalized New Yorkers have always been the folks making change happen. Even as a new day is rising for our country, we realize that the symptoms that got us here have deep roots, still exist, and must be dismantled. We continue to build power together for racial, social, economic, and gender justice.

We cannot and will not forget the lives of our loved ones and neighbors that have been lost, destabilized and changed irreparably since November 2016. But at TakeRoot, in the spirit of New York, we can carry on stronger than ever knowing that justice and democracy are real and possible when we unite and organize. It’s another reminder of why and how we continue to build power together from the grassroots up to all halls of power.