Advancing Racial Justice

Racial justice is a core value of TakeRoot Justice’s mission. We believe that becoming a racial justice organization is an ongoing process and we are committed to continuing to learn and grow to better meet the urgent needs of the diverse communities we serve.
We work to have an intersectional approach to all of our work, which includes attacking the inherent racism at to root of the oppression we seek to dismantle.
The TakeRoot Justice Racial Justice Committee is charged with providing forward momentum and initiative for our work on issues that have a disproportionate negative impact on communities of color, such as over-policing, gentrification and housing discrimination. The Committee engages in ongoing dialogue with our existing community partners and other groups led by and for people of color on their priorities and projects to figure out out how TakeRoot Justice can best support their work beyond what we do today.
We also engage in internal efforts to advance anti-racist practices and strengthen staff capacity around racial justice issues, including our capacity to bring race-based legal claims and to incorporate racial justice frameworks into our advocacy and communications.