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Supporting Small Business Survival in NYC

Direct Representation From 2018 to June 2020, TakeRoot’s Equitable Neighborhoods and Capacity Building practices provided legal services to small businesses taking on their landlords in negotiations for repairs, lease renewals and fair treatment under their contract as a provider under

FAQ for Immigrant-Owned Worker Cooperatives on Federal Funding Options (Various): General guidance for immigrant worker owners applying for federal funding programs Resources for Worker Cooperatives (New York City Network of Worker Cooperatives): Compilation of resources with a framing toward supporting

Small Business Legal Relief Alliance (Various): Coalition of legal service organizations and law firms providing free telephonic consultations on a range of COVID-19-related issues, including leases, employment, contracts, insurance and taxes FAQ for Small Businesses with Commercial Leases (TakeRoot, VOLS

Setting up a Disaster Relief Fund for Individuals Impacted by COVID-19 (IRS): Resources from the IRS around how to set up a mutual aid fund through a nonprofit corporation, including webinars Resources for New York Nonprofits (Lawyers Alliance New York): Compilation of resources

Our Capacity Building team strengthens the solidarity economy in New York and supports workers as owners and decision makers. In collaboration with our longtime partners, the NYC Network of Worker Cooperatives and Green Worker Cooperatives, we legally formed New York