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Marco Conner DiAquoi

Marco Conner DiAquoi serves as TakeRoot’s Executive Director. Marco is a New York City based lawyer, organizer and government affairs expert. His past work, rooted in collective action, has focused on mobility justice and advocating for a just, safe, sustainable,

Each of our practice areas does extraordinary work that touches the lives of countless New Yorkers from all walks of life. Here are some of our favorite stories of clients and victories that come together when we all stand with

Sadia Rahman

Sadia is an Interim Co-Director guiding the organization. Previously to that role, she supervised the Housing Rights practice area. Before joining TakeRoot Justice, she was a staff attorney at the Immigrant Tenant Advocacy Project for over three years, where she

Elizabeth Clay Roy

Executive Director (2018-Present). Elizabeth is committed to helping cities live up to their potential as places of connection, inspiration and opportunity.