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Nova Rivera

Nova Rivera (she/her) is an Advocacy Coordinator/Paralegal in the Housing Rights area. She is a queer undocumented immigrant from Peru and has held various roles in the housing, labor, and immigrant rights movements. More recently, Nova spent the last few

Colin Kent-Daggett

Colin Kent-Daggett (he/him) is an Advocacy Coordinator/Paralegal in the Housing Rights practice area. Before joining TakeRoot, he worked in Brooklyn as a tenant organizer and worked in Providence, Rhode Island as a political organizer and advocate. He was born and

City Councilmember Sandy Nurse (D-Brooklyn) is introducing a package of bills that aims to curb illegal evictions, citing THE CITY’s reporting on tenants locked out of their apartments by landlords. Titled the Stop Illegal Evictions Act, the four bills Nurse

María de Lourdes Vaello-Calderón

María de Lourdes Vaello-Calderón (she/her) is a staff attorney in the Housing Rights practice. She is a human rights lawyer and community advocate, having worked at the intersection of the right to housing and disaster recovery in her native Puerto