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Immigrants’ Rights Staff Attorney

TakeRoot Justice seeks applicants with at least five (5) years relevant immigration legal experience for the position of Staff Attorney to join our Immigrants’ Rights team, which includes two Staff Attorneys, four Senior Staff Attorneys and a Director. TakeRoot’s Immigrants’

Kiki Tapiero

Kiki Tapiero (they/them) is a multiracial latinx queer abolitionst and an Immigrants’ Rights Staff Attorney. Prior to joining TakeRoot Justice, Kiki was a NYIFUP attorney at The Bronx Defenders for two years, where they represented individuals detained by ICE. At

As we look back on 2019, TakeRoot is celebrating the extraordinary courage of clients like Tamara* a Haitian asylum seeker we worked with this year. This fearless political activist was repeatedly persecuted and threatened because of her vocal opposition to