Christina Chaise

Christina Chaise is an Advocacy Coordinator within the Equitable Neighborhoods practice at TakeRoot Justice. Born and raised in Queens, NY, Christina is a long-time resident of public housing which informs her deep passion for housing justice. She has over a decade of community organizing experience–specifically student and resident organizing–which complements her academic training in critical social and educational research. She holds two bachelor’s degrees from Hunter College, CUNY (Sociology and Psychology) and a master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University (Sociology & Education).
She currently leads the NYCHA Real Talk Series training program, where she helps train public housing resident leaders on current federal, state, and local policies impacting NYCHA to then inform and train their respective communities/development. She also serves on TRJ’s HAPPEN Circle, where she works with Communities for Police Reform on their #NYCBudgetJustice campaign to remove resources away from NYPD and towards real community safety (e.g. housing, food, education, healthcare, etc.). When she’s not organizing something for work or for her Resident Association, she’s hanging out with her new baby, Mateo.n