Comments To The City Planning Commission On Proposal To Add Four Megatowers To The Site Plan Of The Two Bridges Large Scale Residential Development (LSRD) As Modification Of Prior Approved Site Plans

Submitted as counsel to Good Old Lower East Side – GOLES, CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, Tenants United Fighting for the Lower East Side (TUFF-LES) and the Lands End One Tenants Association (LEOTA) with exhibits (10/17/2018). “We urge you to use the power at your disposal to turn down the out of scale proposals in order to simultaneously protect the existing low income neighborhood and to shield the City from litigation that will surely result if the Commission approves these towers via a process that has never been properly promulgated. I will use my time here today to comment on the obfuscated and illegal process through which these applications reach you today.”