Resisting Displacement in the Southwest Bronx: Lessons from CASA’s Tenant Organizing


On May 18th, Community Action for Safe Apartments (CASA)–with support from CDP–released a new white paper, “Resisting Displacement in the Southwest Bronx” at a community briefing.

The white paper presents a clear and accurate definition of displacement to counter the false assertion that most tenants leave neighborhoods by choice. It also exposes tactics landlords use to displace tenants, including denial of basic services and repairs, charging non-rent fees, exploiting the Major Capital Improvements (MCI) loophole and charging high rents through preferential rent loopholes and emphasizes the risk of increased displacement posed by rezoning. In addition to highlighting problems, the white paper offers policy proposals to address the challenges of displacement and landlord harassment in the Bronx and citywide including a “real affordable subsidy program” and guidelines for legislation to address landlord harassment, non-rent fees and other displacement tactics.


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