Defending Community Anchors: Protecting Our Places from Tax Lien Foreclosure

Charity organizations own buildings that house daycares and mosques, arts organizations and churches, food pantries and theaters; they own land for community gardens, playgrounds and farms. State law is clear that they are all entitled to property tax exemptions from the date they purchase the property until they don’t own it anymore. Yet, New York City’s Department of Finance (DOF) puts community property at risk: when charities do not apply for and annually renew the tax exemptions they are entitled to get from the City under New York State law, the City sells the accumulated debt to private entities for collection and potential foreclosure.

Our primer, “Protecting Our Places: Know Your Rights on Not-for-Profit Property Tax Exemptions,” helps charities protect community property from tax-lien sales and apply for nonprofit tax exemptions.

The #ProtectOurPlaces Coalition includes the Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center, Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition (NWBCCC), Al Muneer Foundation, Fifth Avenue Committee, Bangladeshi American Community Development and Youth Services (BACDYS), Fort Apache Youth Center, Haven Ministries & Masjid Al Aman.

Advocacy Before the NYC Tax Commission

TakeRoot supported the Mary Mitchell Family and Youth Center, based on the Crotona neighborhood of the Bronx, in re-establishing a charity property tax exemption for a building the Center is developing. The Commission found that the NYC Department of Finance (DOF) had unlawfully revoked a previously established exemption. The Commission was clear that when the DOF attempts to remove exemption, it has the burden of proof to show that revocation is proper.

In this case, the DOF did not meet the burden. The Commission found that the Center had been taking consistent steps towards development of the building, even though a significant period of time had passed since acquisition. The Commission was convinced by the Center’s participation in the Community Land Trust Learning Exchange, by multiple design efforts and by its ongoing capital campaign.

Read the full decision here.


Testimony to City Council Committee on Finance on Bills Aimed at Protecting Charity Organizations (11/19/2019): In support of the #ProtectOurPlaces coalition, TakeRoot testified for reforms in Department of Finance’s administration of the charity property tax exemption that is mandatory under New York State law.

Testimony to City Council Committee on Finance on Tax Lien Sale Bill (1/11/2017): TakeRoot, in collaboration with the New York City Community Land Initiative, called for changes to a bill reauthorizing the City’s tax lien program so that non-profit organizations and community members occupying properties with tax liens may continue to do so, and unused properties may be used in the ways that most benefit the surrounding communities.


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