The Predatory Equity Story: Tenant Perspectives on Speculative Landlords, Displacement, and Fighting for Justice


This report, released in partnership with the Stabilizing NYC Coalition, tells the story of predatory equity on the ground, where landlords are using various aggressive tactics to push out long-term rent-regulated tenants and to maximize the number of market rate tenants in buildings.

The report details the Stabilizing NYC Coalition’s three City Council bills that would combat predatory equity practices. The report also contains a platform of recommendations compiled from previous housing reports that seek to protect rent-regulated tenants and preserve affordable housing.

The findings from the report were presented at SNYC’s first ever citywide tenant meeting on October 25th, where over 80 tenants from the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens came to the meeting to discuss the results of the research and brainstorm ways to organize across boroughs to increase tenant power and fight predatory equity practices. The meeting featured a gallery walk of infographics summarizing the data that was collected by SNYC organizers and members. The infographics from the community meeting can be found here and in Spanish here.


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